Friday, August 25, 2017

The Horrible Truth Behind Magical Girls!!!!!

So a question I received on my previous article is, well, aside from the implication that Youma are produced by Magical Bursts, what are the other horrible twists of the setting? Not all Magical Bursters will become Youma in their lifetimes, and Puella Magi have to deal with learning the secret that they're basically liches.

Magical Burst literally had a random table for it, which is awesome, and I'm going to convert it.

1                  A Magical Girl made the world better at a great cost, and there are those who would turn it back.
2                  A Tsukaima who collects 169 Grief Seeds will become a god, and some of them are not as benevolent as they pretend to be.
3                 All Youma were once Magical Girls who fell into despair oh my gaaaaa
4                 Certain ordinary people contain Grief Seeds, and these can be detected and removed, and used. Doing so will kill the person.
5                 Every Magical Burster contains a Linker Core, which can be used as equivalent to 12 Grief Seeds. However, to do this you must KILL THEM.
6                 Magical Girls are actually a tool to create the next stage of human evolution. Their true mission is to kill all HOMO INFERIORS.
7                Mankind is beyond redemption and will inevitably destroy itself. Magic cannot change this.
8                Some Magical Girls are actually sentient Youma who have forgotten what they truly are. And if they remember...
9                The world you live in, and everyone you love, is just a simulation or dream. Only Magical Girls are real people.
10              Once all Youma are defeated, all Magical Girls will be forced to kill each other like in Hunger Games or some shit. The survivor will become God of the next universe.
11              The Tsukaima serve a particular goddess, and if the other gods find out what she's done, they will destroy all Magical Girls and everything they've wrought.
12              The Youma actually only target truly evil people, and Magical Girls are being exploited by forces trying to keep the world a terrible place.
13              There have been Magical Girls throughout human history, fighting and dying. Without their sacrifices, mankind would still be living in caves.
14              There is a being called God, and it did not intend for mankind to exist. If the human race is to have a future, all Magical Girls will have to work together to kill it.
15              The entire world is a goddamn Labyrinth, dreamed up by a single Youma masquerading as a person. But, who is dreaming?
16               The wishes the Tsukaima promise are a total sham, and they arrange for their Magical Girls to be killed before they can make a wish.
17              Youma are actually the souls of the restless dead, and by killing them you're consigning them to total oblivion.
18              Youma are not beyond redemption
19              Tsukaima are actually working for a Magical Kingdom, the Dream City, the Realm of Faerie, or some other such place, and plan to use all their collected Grief Seeds to eventually supplant the real world and totally replace Earth and the people in it.
20              Despite everything, your Tsukaima is totally on your side and is genuinely trying his best. Things are just that shitty.

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