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Homestuck Trolls

So. Homestuck. That webcomic that took over the internet from 2009 to 2014. I'm not going to make a big thing about explaining the lore, there's way too much here. I'm just going to adapt the Troll race. For fluff details, go to the wiki here.

Mechanically, Trolls have a subrace for every blood color, but there's commonalities. Simplified, they are:

+2 STR, +2 DEX, -2 WIS, with Daylight Sensitivity as a Drow.

Additionally, roll a 1d100 for Blood Color, or ask your DM.

01-20:  Rustblood
21-36: Bronzeblood
37-52: Goldblood
53-64: Oliveblood
65-74: Jadeblood
*69: Candyblood
75-82: Tealblood
83-88: Ceruleanblood
89-92: Indigoblood
93-96: Purpleblood
97-98 Violetblood
99: Fuschiablood
00:  Limeblood

Rustbloods receive +1 INT in addition to the above traits and tend to live 40-60 years.

Bronzebloods receive only a -1 WIS penalty, and tend to live 50-90 years.

Goldbloods receive +1 INT in addition to the above traits and tend to live 70-120 years.

Candybloods receive +2 to a stat of their choice, and have lifespans equal to a human's. This is a mutant blood color, and should not technically exist.

Limebloods receive +3 CHA and have no Wisdom penalties in addition to the above traits, and live 100-160 years. This is, in most settings, an extinct blood color.

Olivebloods receive +2 DEX in addition to the above traits and live 150-240 years.

Jadebloods receive +2 CHA and have no Wisdom penalties in addition to the above traits, and live 180-270 years. In addition, they do not have Daylight Sensitivity.

Tealboods receive no Wisdom penalty, and live 225-400 years.

Ceruleanbloods receive +1 to CHA and one other stat of their choice, and live 300-500 years.

Indigobloods receive +3 STR instead of the normal STR bonus, and live 325-800 years.

Purplebloods receive +2 STR, +3 CON, -3 WIS, -1 INT instead of the usual ability modifiers, and live 450-1000 years.

Violetbloods +2 DEX in addition to the usual ability modifiers, and live 750-1500 years.

Fuschiabloods receive +2 to every ability score, and can live forever.

Your Blood Color gives a modifier to Saves vs. Psionic Powers and Mind-Effecting affects as follows:

Rustbloods: -5
Bronzebloods: -4
Goldbloods: -3
Candybloods: -2
Olivebloods: -1
Jadebloods: 0
Tealbloods: +1
Ceruleanbloods: +2
Indigobloods: +3
Purplebloods: +4
Limebloods: +5
Violetbloods: +10

Fuschiabloods are utterly immune to psionics.

To determine whether or not your troll gains Psionic powers, roll a d100 and add the following modifiers
+30: Rustbloods
+25: Bronzebloods
+20: Goldbloods
+10: Olivebloods
0: Jadebloods
-5: Tealbloods
-10: Ceruleanbloods
-20: Indigobloods
-40: Purplebloods

If the result is a 50 or higher, your troll is a Wild Talent psionic, however that's handled in your system. At 60+,they gain an additional psionic power for every ten points above 50 they rolled.

Seadwellers  (Violetbloods and Fuschiabloods) may not have Psionic Powers through this racial trait. In compensation, they can breathe water as well as air and can maneuver perfectly in water as aquatic lifeforms.

Candybloods are to be treated as Jadebloods due to being similar to humans in most ways, and Limebloods are always psionic and need not roll. In fact, when determening their Wild Talents, treat them as if they rolled 100.

As a final note, if you're using Race-as-Class, simply have them advance as Fighters, Psionics, or as a modifier Elf that has stagger psionic progression instead of spellcasting. Also, I'd like to thank my friend Carson for helping me crunch some numbers. He's a boo. <3

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