Saturday, June 9, 2018

There's enough Candy monsters for an Elemental Plane, so...

Djellos, the genies of the Elemental Plane of Candy.

Easily recognized by their comically large pompadours, frequent smiles and sunglasses, Djellos don't maintain closed comunities like other genies, but rather live entirely in the present. Going from place to place, they are extremelly fond of cold fizzy drinks; soda is like a catnip for them, and they speak odd words such as "groovy" and "Radical!" They are often employed as heralds or diplomats while being paid in soda and ice alone. They are the peacekeepers among geniekind; loved by even the most stone-hearted due to being such genuine coolguy partybros.

All djellos are "noble" genies, because honestly the distinction never made sense to me.

A Djello is a Chaotic Good, 10-HD genie. They count as oozes for all possible bonuses, and have immunity to blinding effects and gaze attacks due to their cool eyewear. If struck by slashing or piercing damage, they split into two smaller Djellos like an ooze. They are immune to Candy-elemental damage, and diabetes.

A Djello is capable of flight, Creating Candy and Soda, protection from Cavities, shooting jelly webs, Charm Monster, Prismatic Patterns, Heros Feast (except it's all candy), Orb of Acid, and most notably, Gelatinous Wish.

Three times a day, a Djello can grant a non-genie a Gelatinous Wish. A Gelatinous Wish function exactly like the Wish spell, except anything created by the magic is made out of sugar (jelly, baked goods, candy, chocolate, etc). These candy creations are fully functional as the real deal, including raising a dead friend as a candy golem, and this magical candy is impervious to natural rot and decay, because that's totally whack, yo.

Djellos are extremely proud of this ability, and consider it superior to a normal Wish. After all, it does everything a Wish would grant you, PLUS gives you candy with an indefinite shelf-life. They'd tell you to suck it, losers, but that's totally bad vibes, bruh. They think Efreeti are totally tubular even if their Wishes are inferior and they act like haters to everybody.


Seriously, has anyone made an Elemental Plane of Candy yet? Let's get that Adventure Time shit going.

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  1. Finally, an actual place of origin for the classic Gelatinous Cube!