Thursday, March 14, 2019

Rubiks Cube Stat Generation

Alright so look I didn't test this for probability and I don't care how fair this and honestly if you're worried about cheaters tell them to go to hell. This is definitely funnest with a real Rubiks Cube. But if you absolutely want something fair, use this:

So, let's get into it. Generating stats with a damn Rubiks Cube. You want an ENTIRELY scrambled up cube. The point is NOT to solve it. Mess it up as randomly as possible. Do it blindfolded with a duck up your ass if you gotta, I don't know and I don't judge.

Now, each color is being assigned a D&D stat. Red STR, Green DEX, Orange CON, Blue INT, Yellow WIS, and White CHA.

The central square of each facet of the cube determines what ability score that facet is determining. For example, if the central square is Red, we're calculating STR using this facet.

The central square gives +7 to the stat right away.

Any square that matches the color of the central square is +2 points.

There are three types of Fancy Shapes; a + Shape and an X shape. These give +4 points in addition to the bonus given by the likewise-colored squares. There is also making a four-square "Square" shape. This gives +3 points.

There are three Simple Shapes. A three-square "L" shape (+1 point), a 3-square "Line", and a 3-square "Diagonal" (these are both +2 points).

Any Fancy Shapes composed of a single non-matching color (Four-corners or Four-edges) are -4 Points.

A mismatching "L" is -2 Points, and a mismatching "Line" is -3.

All scores round up to 3 or down to 18, if they are in excess of these values.

Finally, before finalizing anything, a player is allowed a single twist of the cube.

I tested this out for like an hour and it seems to give values equivalent to 3d6 in order. So fucking go hog wild, yo.

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