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Sometime even the naively innocent become jadedly cynical, and the higher they stood the further they fall. Most Evil Queens were once Princesses, which gave up their pure hearts turning instead to a path of destructive greed for power and position. This lost innocence fuels their magical growth and dark powers, transforming those last vestiges of who or what they were into something dread and dangerous. Others were spellcasters first, alloying dark magic to their soul to give them a presence and dread command which allows them to stand and tower over normal mortals. Like Princesses, they may be any gender or identity; their hallmark is their vanity and self-centeredness, much like how a Princess can be a boy or girl, of royal or common blood, so long as they were beautiful, innocent souls.

Hit Die: d4
To-hit progression: As Wizard
Saves: As Cleric, changing any Wisdom references to Charisma
Weapons and armour: As Wizard
XP per level: As Cleric

Code of Conduct: An Evil Queen must, obviously, be of evil alignment. All good they do is ultimately to serve selfish ends, or because they are bound by their word out of a sense of honor. An Evil Queen must not feel genuine, selfless love for another person, and an Evil Queen that saves someone else at their own expense for no reward will lose their powers as their icy heart thaws into one capable of warmth.

Dark Tongues: An Evil Queen learns to speak the languages of the most dread of creatures, picking them up as naturally as a babe takes to their mother’s tongue. An Evil Queen learns Abyssal and Infernal as bonus languages (or some other language for the evil spirits of your world), if they already know one of these languages they may select another in its place.

Imperious Presence (CHA): An Evil Queen’s beauty is as great as her darkness, sensual and lovely even as it is reinforced by the dark magic woven through her soul. Any creature attempting to attack an Evil Queen must make a Wisdom Saving Throw or suffer a -4 penalty to attack rolls, increasing to -8 if it would deal lethal damage or kill the Evil Queen. Creatures which are attracted to the Evil Queen’s gender suffer a -2 penalty to this save.

Additionally, An Evil Queen is by her nature a ruler, even if she does not have the status yet. An Evil Queen adds her level to any intimidate or diplomacy checks in your games, based on Charisma, and never takes any penalties on this checks that aren't magical in nature. Additionally, when she makes reaction rolls with Evil-aligned NPCs, she always starts favorably with them.

Corruptive Charm (CHA): An Evil Queen’s magic corrupts and alters those it touches. Beginning at 2nd level, an Evil Queen can cast Charm Person as a spell-like ability 3/day per level. Whenever an Evil Queen successfully charms a creature that creature’s attitude towards her improves by one step (up to friendly) even after the effect ends, and that creature is incapable of realizing on its own that it was charmed. In addition if the Evil Queen keeps a creature charmed for at least 1 whole week then their alignment shifts one step towards Evil; a creature with class features which would be lost due to this alignment shift, an alignment subtype other than Evil, or any other metaphysical investment in a non-Evil alignment is immune to this change.

Witch’s Craft (CHA): An Evil Queen is a witch of the highest caliber and learns a variety of magic to work their will. At 3rd level, an Evil Queen gains spellcasting as a wizard (or sorcerer, if your game makes a distinction) as her level -2. If you have a Witch class in your game, you may also use that. Otherwise, use the Wizard/Sorcerer spell-list, with a preference for any spells for shapeshifting, scrying, cursing, desecration, mind control, summoning, glamours, and the like. Any spells on other spell lists that fit those themes should be allowed, and spells that obviously don't fit (summoning angels, selfless healing, etc.) should be restricted.

Binding Curses (CHA): At 4th level, Evil Queen’s baleful magic is of great power and resistance to attempts to remove them. Harmful spells with a permanent duration (curses) cast by an Evil Queen are unaffected by Anti-Magic. They cannot be dispelled, and save for a Wish or something equally powerful cannot be broken save for meeting the single condition the Evil Queen must impose. This may be as simple as “When the next Solar Eclipse occurs” or “If you bring me the Macguffin I demand”, or may be as impossible-seeming as “Until a week where two Mondays become one”. The conditions must be possible to accomplish, even if they must be met allegorically or symbolically. Fairy Tale logic is in full effect. Even death does not free a creature from an Evil Queen’s curses, the magic still extent when the target is resurrected (if they are) or reanimated as intelligent undead.

If an Evil Queen dies all her curses lose this benefit until she is resurrected. An Evil Queen may dispel her own spells normally. In addition a Princess’s Kiss to Break the Curse functions normally against such curses.

Timeless Body: An Evil Queen’s dark pacts sustain her body against age, maintaining her physical form and appearance even if it cannot hold back death. Beginning at 5th level an Evil Queen ceases to physically age, and her natural lifespan doubles.

Dark Binding (CHA): An Evil Queen is able to imbue those who serve her with power and in the process bind them to her. Beginning at 6th level an Evil Queen may bind a single creature to her will either with an act of intimacy (kiss, caress, etc) between her and the target, or an act of obeisance from the target is required to create this binding. To do so is a standard action and the target must be conscious and must not be struggling or physically resisting the kiss/caress/etc or go through the act of obeisance without magical or physical compulsion; threats are acceptable. Dark energy floods into the target and they may attempt a Wisdom Saving Throw to resist this dark binding. If they fail, or choose to forfeit their save, the binding is formed. The target gains: a +2 bonus to all ability scores, resistance to all damage equal to your Evil Queen level, a +1 to all perception checks plus 1/3 your Evil Queen level, and bonus HP equal to your Evil Queen level. However an Evil Queen may invert this effect at her will as a move action. If she does so the target loses all benefits and instead suffers an unbreakable curse of your design, utterly unbreakable even by the Gods. A Princess's Kiss is still capable of suppressing it for 24 hours.
The Evil Queen can end this binding at will as a standard action, or through attempting to bind another creature. Otherwise this binding can only be ended by the Evil Queen’s death.

Profane Grace (CHA): An Evil Queen is protected by the very force of evil that rages within her soul, warding away blows and baleful effects. Beginning at 7th level an Evil Queen gains a bonus to AC equal to their Charisma modifier and adds their Charisma modifier to saving throws.

Dread Beauty (CHA): An Evil Queen’s beauty is reinforced by her magical prowess, invading the minds of those who can see her, making their aim falter against her. Beginning at 9th level any creature which can see an Evil Queen is unable to attack her as if protected by the Sanctuary spell, save that she is not restricted from attacking others. A creature that is attracted to the Evil Queen’s gender is unable to make a save against this effect. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Dread Queen: An Evil Queen is a being of dread power and sovereignty. Beginning at 10th level she may apply a Dark Binding to a creature with hit dice no greater than her Evil Queen level without ending previous Dark Binding effects, and may have any number of creatures with hit dice no greater than her class level affected by Dark Binding at once. If she mistakenly tries to bind a creature with more than that many hit dice then nothing happens unless she chooses to break any previous Dark Binding applied to a creature with more hit dice than her class level. An Evil Queen with a Familiar, pacted demon, summoned creature, or other such companion may apply a Dark Binding to them regardless of their hit dice without it counting as their Dark Binding.
A creature attracted to the Evil Queen’s gender is considered to have 2 fewer hit dice for this effect.

Additionally, an Evil Queen of 10th level is able to construct a castle and start gathering followers as if they were a character class of whatever has the highest social standing in your games (a noble, if your game has one, or following that a Knight, Paladin, Cleric, or Fighter).


An ex-princess who becomes an Evil Queen gains certain special bonuses based upon their levels in Ex-Princess and may trade in her levels of Ex-Princess into Evil Queen levels, gaining additional abilities. Hell rewards and adores the corrupted innocents much more than those who come into its embrace more readily.

The abilities gained by an Evil Queen due to her ex-princess levels are listed below (cumulative except for casting):
1st: She gains an AC bonus as a princess of her ex-princess level.

2nd: She gains spellcasting as a 1st level sorcerer, and Fiendish Empathy. Fiendish Empathy (CHA) functions as Wild Empathy (or any equivalent ability to befriend, tame, and train animals that exists in your games) except it applies against evil Outsiders such as Devils and Demons (even mindless ones), evil aligned magical beasts, and anything with a Fiendish nature regardless of their Intelligence.

3rd: She gains spellcasting as a 2nd level sorcerer, and Dark Beauty. Dark Beauty (CHA) grants the Evil Queen a +4 bonus on deception checks and a +2 bonus on other Charisma based checks against creatures which can see her, and such creatures suffer a -2 penalty to checks made to deceive the Evil Queen. If a creature is attracted to the Evil Queen’s gender the bonus from Dark Beauty against them and penalty applied to them are both increased by 2.

4th: She gains Obscured Alignment. Obscured Alignment (WIS) prevents the Evil Queen’s alignment from being detected by any magical effect returning an answer of True Neutral, unless the Evil Queen overtly acts in an Evil manner, or chooses to suppress this ability.

5th: She gains a Wizard's familiar, except that they may not be a creature that naturally has a good alignment, a dove, or a songbird.

6th: She gains Behold My Beauty and Despair. Behold My Beauty and Despair (CHA) causes any enemy creature within 30-ft of you which can see you to have to make a Wisdom saving throw or be shaken as long as they are within the aura. This functions as the fearsome presence of a dragon. An Evil Queen may suppress or reactivate this ability as a free action. A creature attracted to the Evil Queen’s gender suffers a -2 penalty to their saving throw against this effect.

7th: She gains True Witch. True Witch allows an Evil Queen to change her appearance, freely and at-will. This is purely a cosmetic, magical effect, but she does count as a shapechanger for game effects.

8th: She gains Dark Healing. Dark Healing adds each Cure and Inflict spell, Lesser Restoration, Restoration, Greater Restoration, Harm, Heal, Raise Dead, Resurrection, and/or Revivify spell in your game's cleric list to your sorcerer spells known and spell list.

9th: She gains Charming Words. Any humanoid creature that she speaks to for at least 3 rounds must make a Wisdom saving throw or be charmed as Charm Monster for 1 hour. This is a mind-affecting effect, creatures attracted to the Evil Queen’s gender suffer a -2 penalty on their saves against this effect.

10th: She gains Queen of Hell. Once a year, an Evil Queen may cast Wish; or rather, she beseeches the powers of evil to grant her a Wish. So long as this wish furthers the interests of evil or undermines goodness, the spirit and intent of the wish is taken into consideration. However, this Wish is unable to directly effect a Princess. They cannot be killed, cursed, or have the effect of the wish manifest in their line of sight at the time of casting. The Princess's purity is so great that not even the infernal abyss may intrude upon its presence.

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